Natural Therapies

Natural Therapies2020-08-20T14:15:45-07:00

Dr. Barreda believes your overall health and well-being is affected by your physical, mental, and emotional aspects. She uses natural therapies to find balance in all areas to help you achieve your personal health goals.  

Below is a list of many of the natural therapies Dr. Barreda uses.

Click on the + for a brief description of each.


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine – The theories of Chinese medicine will be incorporated into the treatment of various conditions, such as pain, anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue. Chinese medicine will include acupuncture, acupressure, moxa, and Chinese botanicals.

Acupuncture Face-Lifts2020-08-25T08:41:52-07:00

By treating the whole body and addressing the underlying causes of aging and disease, it is more than just a cosmetic procedure. It is a rejuvenation and revitalization process designed to help the whole body look and feel younger. Fine lines may be entirely eliminated and deeper wrinkles diminished. Bags under the eyes can be reduced, jowls firmed, puffiness eliminated, droopy eyelids lifted and double chins minimized.
Botanicals –
Botanical remedies and supplements will be used for symptomatic relief, as well as to achieve health and balance.  LEARN MORE

Natural Hormone Replacement2020-08-25T08:49:04-07:00

Natural hormones versus synthetic hormones will be used in the treatment of peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women. LEARN MORE

Nutritional Supplementation2020-08-19T21:26:27-07:00

Nutrition – Oral and IV therapy of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids provide the raw materials to bring about optimal health and a positive mental state.

IV Nutritional Therapy2020-08-19T21:33:10-07:00

Oral and IV therapy of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids provide the raw materials to bring about optimal health and a positive mental state.

Chelation Therapy 2020-08-19T21:34:22-07:00

Oral and IV Chelation Therapy is used in the detoxification of heavy metals and in the reversal of cardiovascular disease. Chelation Therapy reverses atherosclerosis, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and improves overall circulation.

Botanical Medicine2020-08-19T22:16:58-07:00

Acute case taking will be employed in selecting the correct remedies which will remove the obstacle to cure and bring about cellular healing

Functional Laboratory Testing2020-08-19T22:20:21-07:00

From identifying food allergies, to complete cardiovascular panels, to genomic testing, Functional Laboratory Testing can identify not only current disease states, but can also be used in preventative medicine and assessing health.

Weight Loss2020-08-25T08:45:45-07:00

A multidirectional approach is used in the treatment of abnormal weight, including diet and exercise changes, functional laboratory testing, food allergy testing, acupuncture, hypnosis, and mind/body counseling techniques. LEARN MORE


Clinical Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy is an invaluable healing modality for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual difficulties. Hypnosis is used for a variety of ailments including weight loss, stop smoking, and pain. LEARN MORE

Emotional and Spiritual Counseling2020-08-19T22:29:37-07:00

Mind/body Counseling – Various tools will be used to facilitate the mind and spirit in removing obstacles to cure and in directing healthy physiologic processes.

Past-Life Regression2020-08-25T08:47:52-07:00

Whether you view the experiences as an actual past or a useful metaphor, Past-Life Regression is an effective tool for working through major mental, emotional, and physical issues. LEARN MORE

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